Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

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Howard Richardson Memorial Cheer Zone Athletics Scholarship Application (Due June 30th)

Cheer Zone Athletics offers a $500 scholarship to 2 students who are found worthy or in need. These awards are determined on a competitive basis and require the submission of a student’s statement. All students are encouraged to participate in this process.


The Student’s Statement should include your reasons for wanting to be a student at Cheer Zone Athletics, a description of what you admire about CZA, what being at CZA means to you and your academic and athletic goals. Your statement should be 300-500 words (double spaced) in length. Be sure to include your name at the top of your statement.


A letter of recommendation from a current or past Cheer Zone Athletics instructor familiar with your personal character/academic/athletic qualifications should be included with the application.


Copies of your most current report card should be submitted with the application. Return this completed form along with your statement to Cheer Zone Athletics- 17296 West Wortham Rd.- Saucier, MS 39574, to be considered for the upcoming season starting. Please note that all Scholarship recipients who are currently in school must keep and retain an A/B average. Report cards must be turned in to the front office every 9 weeks/semester. If a student’s grade falls below an A/B average, a conference will be held with the student/coach, resulting in the possibility of dismissal of the Scholarship Program. If at anytime during the season you are dismissed from our program or found not to be worthy of the scholarship due to attitude, lack of athletic effort, etc- you will be responsible for returning the scholarship money to Cheer Zone Athletics as our sole purpose of this is to award someone with our same positive ideals and ethics during their time here at Cheer Zone Athletics.

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